Contest’s participants in the catalog “Young people in the 21th century 2014”

ONE LOVE – is project which focuses on early motherhood.
The work includes portraits and handwritten stories from underage girls in which they talk about themselves, their experiences of life before and after childbirth, about future plans.


Grand Prix: Ksenya Ivanova, 19 years (Russia, Moscow)

„One Love“


This project is about the fringe ” trash ” living at the old site. It is impossible to live prohibited by law. They hide their sleeping places. Because at any moment can come protection.


I place 20-25 years: Vera Barkalova, 23 years (Russia, Moscow)

“Part 1“


II place 20-25 years: Darya Trofimova 22 years (Russia, Moscow)

„By The Black Sea“


III place 20-25 years: Raimondas Pocius, 23 years  (Lithuania, Vilnius)

“The Checkpoint Project“


I place 14-19 years: Agnė Jasilionytė, 17 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)

“Comfort zone“


II place 14-19 years: Karolina Pawlowska, 18 years (Poland, Bielsko-Bialo)

“One photo serie“


III place 14-19 years: Aistė Ališauskaitė, 19 years (Lithuania, Vilnius)

“„6 sins of XXI century“


III place 14-19 years: Natalia Laczynska, 18 years (Poland, Skoczow)

” For Sale”


Special prize: Karolis Sabeckis, 24 years (Lithuania, Vilnius)

“My father“


The more people spend time together, the more similar they become in habits, behavior and appearance. Physical similarity can be detected in the form of the face, the nose, the eyes … The project entitled “Connection” is intended to confirm or disprove this idea on the example of 80 couples. They were selected not by a visual principle, but for a feeling of love to each other.


Tamara F. and Paul D. together happily married for 55 years.

“We were united by common interests and values ​​of life, and retained together thanks to patience and respect for each other”

Natalia and Sergey. 37 years together.

“Credo: there is no half-price in life and no half-love. That unites us, and another thing – love to 5 own children. We want advise to young couples preserve the love, bring up mutual respect and the ability to forgive. ”


Special prize: Nina Lishchuk, 25 years (Ukraine, Kiev)



Sexi-keksi Sasha and Mariasha. Together more than 2 years.

“Easy-going, eager to travel. We can not imagine happiness without a family trust, understanding and love. ”


Yanis and Leya. 1,5 years together.

“One piece”


Special prize: Nina Lishchuk, 25 years (Ukraine, Kiev)



III place 14-19 years: Jana Lohde, 19 years (UK, London)

” Fake fairy tales“


Special prize: Ieva Ripinskytė, 20 years, (Lithuania, Kaunas)



Special prize: Gabrielė Vetkinaitė, 18 years (Lithuania, Anykščiai)

“Come insensibly“


This series I wanna show that young people today are often lost in world of media, internet, and  developed communication.


Mateusz Pys, 18 years (Poland, Bielsko-Biala)



Special prize: Anastasia Osipova, 25 years (Russia, Moscow)

„Moments of life in the space of art”


Special prize: Anastasia Osipova, 25 years (Russia, Moscow)

„Moments of life in the space of art”


Viktoriya Sokolova, 21  years (Russia, Moscow)

“City of doomed“


Veronika Doroshenko, 17 years (Ukraine,Sumy)

“Feast of St. Nicholas“


Gabrielė Naidzinavičiūtė, 17 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)



Olesia Psono, 18 years (Ukraine, Krivoj Rog)

“God’s blessing”


Margarita Gadalsina, 16 years (Estonia, Narva)

“The path to victory”


Viktoriya Sokolova, 21  years (Russia, Moscow)

“We can not play hockey without the puck“


Magdalena Zawada, 17 years (Poland, Bielsko-Biala)

“Youth is the one thing worth having”


Evgeny Goncharenko, 18 years (Ukraine, Sumy)

“Lviv meetings“


Martyna Kačinskaitė, 17 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)

„English diary“


Elizaveta Dmitrieva, 20 years (Russia, Moscow)

“Generation gap”


Maria Astaxova, 25 years (Russia, Oriol)

“Crimean notes”


Arkadiy Shapovalov, 19 years (Russia, Moscow)

“Moscow‘s school lifes“


Lidija Kaleinikovaitė, 17 years (Lithuania, Anykščiai)



Karol Lozinski, 17 years (Poland Koszalin)

“Faces of India“


Olexandra Moisova, 18 years (Ukraine,Sumy)

“Difficult childhood“


Anna Pirog, 22 years (Ukraine, Donetsk)

“Brainwashing by the media“


“Complex aspects of life: the history of dumb girl. Everyone is entitled to love and be loved, to create and given the fact that much. You can not give up on man only because he is deprived of the gift of speaking. We do not know, and can not be sure what will happen with us tomorrow…”


Konoplova, 16 years (Russia, Donetsk)



Sintia Mikanovska-Mikalovska, 21 years (Latvia, Sigulda)

“All in or go home”


Justina Kibildaitė, 16 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)

“Technology vanity”


Tatevik Vardanyan, 25 years (Armenia, Yerevan)

“Sun Beauty“


Alex Tarverdi, 24 years, (United Kingdom, London)



Lina Kišonytė, 21 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)

“The temporary memories”


Natalia Zolnierczyk, 17 years (Poland, Bielsko-Biala)

“Photography and what’s next ?“


Irina Dunaeva, 16 years (Estonia, Narva)



The project is about relationship between young peoples. Sometimes, they shows their emotions by using force and violence, hurting themselves physicallyandmentally.  Paradoxically, theycan not live together and they live cannot live withouteach other.


Karolina Kraska, 19 years (Poland, Koszalin)

“Addicted to you”


Gabriele Vaičiūlytė, 17 years (Lithuania, Klaipėda)

“My friend”


Has technology of latest years had influence on human and his life? Has nature lost the value in the eyes of human in XXI century and stopped be their inspiration? Did we become cyber? Are we still human as we were at the very beginning?


Karolina Majewska, 17 years (Poland, Koszalin)



Valeria Dumina, 16 years (Ukraine, Krivoj Rog)



Areg Amirkhanyan, 17 yeras (Armenia,  Yerevan)

“Cross Gravity“


Akvilė Jonaitytė, 15 years (Lithuania, Klaipėda)

“Problems. Parental ignorance”


Gustė Cibulskytė, 16 years, (Lithuania, Garliava)

“Propagates  rumour”


Augustina Miknevičiūtė,  20 years (Lithuania, Vilnius)

“Chemical hazards”


Kamilė Proškevičiūtė, 22 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)



Marina Bordakova, 18 years  (Ukraine, Sumy)

“Muse of my inspiration“


The inspiration of this series was racial intolerance. Models are two women that I painted the acrylic paint. In monoculture cities aversion and racism are highly visible.That’s why I made this series, showing that people are always the same.


Nikola Gaszyńska, 17 years (Poland, Koszalin)

“Ying Yang”


Rokas Aidukas, 17 years, (Lithuania, Klaipėda)

“Mr. Nobody“


Eduard Hambardzumyan, 20 years (Armenia,  Yerevan)

“Inspired from PICASSO“


Tatjana Belskihh, 15 years (Estonia, Narva)



Agata Pilch, 17 years (Poland, Cieszyn)

” Everybody has their other side”


Katarzyna Mielec, 16 years (Lithuania, Vilnius)

” Mild dream wings”


Aistė Matuzaitė, 20 years (Lithuania, Kaunas)



Gabrielė Vetkinaitė, 18 years (Lithuania, Anykščiai)

“Come insensibly“


Sometimes we can find in urban sculptures facial features of our friends, acquaintances or just passers-by. Youth of faces persist for several decades, bronze statues outlast the centuries, and only character types of people are out of time confirming the  cyclicity and infinity of history…


Darya Cherkes, 23 years (Belarus, Grodno)

”Sculptures and Peoples“



Kaunas youth technical creativity  center
Kaunas youth mass media centre

Studio „Kadras“,
A.Mickevičiaus st. 2
Kaunas LT-44313


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